Dish On This Crafts - Decorative Plates - Slumped/Upcycled Bottles
Welcome to Dish On This Crafts
We specialize in hand crafted plates, plate stands and slumped or upcycled wine and liquor bottles. 

Our plates are made using a variety of fabrics and sealed to make them hand washable.   Plates can be flat or on a pedestal base.   Some of our plate sets included a dish for dips and a coordinating cheese spreader. 

Our flat bottles can be used for cheese trays or wall hangings and our molded dish bottles can be used for a dips, candles, etc.  We remove the paper label from the bottles and reapply the label after the bottle is slumped. 
Depending on fabric availability and bottle inventory, some of our items may be one of a kind, while others we will be able to reproduce. 

If you have something specific you would like to purchase please let me know and I can see what the availability is.   Please email Sheila at

Please visit our Photo Gallery page for examples of some of our items.  Pictures are property of Dish On This Crafts.  Pictures are samples only and may not currently be available for purchase.

Be sure to check out our craft show schedule to see all the possibilities!!  Show schedule is listed under the tab to the left "Craft Show Schedule".

We accept all major credit cards.

                         Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for visiting Dish on This Crafts.
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